CDL Hospitality Trusts - Sustainability Report 2022

OPERATIONS/FUNCTIONS SUSTAINABILITY WORKING COMMITTEE (SWC) CEO AUDIT & RISK COMMITTEES BOARDS INTERNAL AUDIT SUSTAINABILITY OFFICER Sustainability Governance CDLHT ensures sustained progress towards our sustainability goals and ambitions through our governance structure, which ensures the Boards have due oversight of all our sustainability initiatives and strategic imperatives. At CDLHT, the Boards are responsible for overseeing all relevant sustainability considerations to ensure CDLHT’s business goals and strategies are progressing in accordance with the objectives set. The Boards also manage and monitor the material ESG factors and their performance, including those pertaining to climate-related issues such as emission reductions and climate action and resilience. The Audit and Risk Committees (“ARCs”) oversee our sustainability processes and strategies, and in particular look after risk management policies and identification of such risks, including those pertaining to climate risk. Management reports to the ARCs and Boards on CDLHT’s sustainability efforts and performance progressively during the quarterly meetings and at the end of each financial year end. CDLHT’s Sustainability Working Committee (“SWC”) comprises key personnel from various business functions and is led by the CEO of the Managers, Mr. Vincent YeoWee Eng. The SWC, overseen by the ARCs, manage and monitor CDLHT’s overall sustainability performance and leads the development of strategies that incorporate material ESG factors into daily operations. For FY 2022, the SWC has reported to the ARCs and Boards on CDLHT’s sustainability performance. A dedicated Sustainability Officer, hired in July 2022, holds the full-time responsibility of tracking the sustainability-related metrics and the progress of green initiatives and reports frequently to the SWC. To strengthen its sustainability and climate-related governance capabilities, CDLHT’s directors and senior management attended ESG workshops for FY 2022, strengthening their knowledge and considerations of environmental issues in asset management. The monitoring of our sustainability performance has also been strengthened by our portfolio-wide data capture and analysis software which is continuously being updated to enable CDLHT to collect data from various properties to better monitor and track individual property and portfolio performance so as to enhance oversight of sustainability performance at the portfolio level. 97 OVERVIEW AND FINANCIAL REVIEW MARKET REVIEW LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE PROPERTY PORTFOLIO SUSTAINABILITY & GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND OTHER INFORMATION