CDL Hospitality Trusts - Sustainability Report 2022

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT Our Key Results And Targets We are proud of our progress made on many of our ESG Material Factors. We have set a range of environmental targets relating to energy water and waste, as well as social targets relating to safety, corporate social responsibility and training for our staff. ESG Factors Targets for FY 2022 Key results in FY 2022 Targets for FY 2023 Emissions • Started disclosing Scope 1 and 2 emissions in FY 2022 Aim to be Net Zero by 2050 Energy (*) • CDLHT aims to achieve an aggregate 5% to 7% reduction in energy consumption across our portfolio by 2026, with FY 2019 as the comparative baseline • On track Maintained Water • CDLHT aims to achieve an aggregate 2% to 7% reduction in water consumption by 2026, with FY 2019 as our comparative baseline • On track Maintained Waste • Established FY 2022 as our baseline and manage food waste by implementing food waste management systems • Five of our Singapore hotels have on-site food digesters to reduce food waste • Eight of our hotels have replaced single-use bathroom products with reusable pumps We target to remove or partly remove single use plastic bathroom amenities from operations for 50% of our hotel portfolio by FY 2023, using FY 2021 as our baseline year Safety Management • We aim to have zero incidents of fatality or permanent disability and strive to minimise any work-related injuries • Zero fatalities at our hotels in FY 2022 Maintained Average Training Hours • We target to achieve an increased number of training hours per employee • Exceeded We target to achieve a minimum of 20 hours of training per employee across our portfolio in FY 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility • We target to conduct at least one community event/project for 60% of the hotel portfolio for FY 2022 • Exceeded We target to conduct at least 15 community/social events or projects across the portfolio in FY 2023 (*) Refers electricity consumption reported for FY 2019 96 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT ANNUAL REPORT 2022