CDL Hospitality Trusts - Sustainability Report 2022

Christmas Market at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Donation drive with Lions Club of Singapore Galaxy Sustainable Christmas Market The Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel hosted the first certified carbon neutral Christmas market in Singapore, organised by Peace of Art SG, in partnership with City Developments Limited and The Singapore Red Cross. The market featured environmentally focused workshops, a bazaar featuring pre-loved items, sustainably-made fashion and lifestyle products, as well as food and drink booths. The Managers’ staff participated in the workshops and made Christmas gifts from sustainable materials. The event raised close to S$150,000, which will go to support the vulnerable children of climate refugees affected by the floods in Pakistan, via the Singapore Red Cross. Shoes To Spare? The Managers together with Orchard Hotel participated in a shoe donation drive organised by the Lions Club of Singapore Galaxy, with employees donating 50 pairs of their children’s gently used shoes. The drive aimed to provide shoes to children and youths in Philippines who make livelihoods from collecting trash and who mostly do not have proper footwear. Through these donations, we were able to put the shoes to good use again and at the same time, encourage acts of kindness and compassion. ENGAGING LOCAL COMMUNITIES AND ADVOCATE FOR POSITIVE IMPACT Local Community Impact Beyond functioning as businesses, our portfolio properties engage and support the communities in which they operate across geographies. CDLHT views community involvement as vital to earning support in the various localities where we do business and ensuring our positive contribution to society as good corporate citizens. Our Performance Our properties held at least 30 Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) activities in FY 2022 - ranging from volunteering to donation drives and information sessions in their local communities. This exceeded our target of having 60% of our portfolio participate in at least one community event or project in FY 2022. 119 OVERVIEW AND FINANCIAL REVIEW MARKET REVIEW LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE PROPERTY PORTFOLIO SUSTAINABILITY & GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND OTHER INFORMATION