CDL Hospitality Trusts - Sustainability Report 2022

Training And Development We place great importance on the continuous training and development of our employees to promote a resilient, competitive, and upskilled workforce. As the world emerges from the pandemic, we recognise that new norms may bring new work demands and job skills. Our hotel employees were provided with training opportunities beyond what is mandatory to refresh and upgrade their skills, which supports the continuous development of their career aspirations and contributes value to the business. Our Approach CDLHT recognises the pivotal role that employee development and job design play in employee satisfaction. Respectively, our Singapore hotel HR policies reflect the emphasis we pay in each area to ensure that our employees remained engaged and enjoy cross-functional opportunities. Continuous Training, Development And Upskilling At H-REIT Manager and HBT Trustee-Manager, biannual performance reviews are conducted to provide feedback to employees and evaluate their achievements, goals, and career trajectory. We conduct an informal mid-year review and a formal year-end performance appraisal. Key performance indicators are established, updated, communicated and pegged to individual roles prior to performance assessments to encourage continuous growth. At the hotels, the relevant HR department provides general orientation as well as mandatory training courses to all those on-boarded. The respective HR departments undergo a training needs analysis to identify skill gaps and gauge employee interest when tailoring skill training programmes for dissemination. Once confirmed, HR encourages Heads of Departments (“HODs”) across the hotels to nominate relevant staff for specified training. These specialised training courses, including leadership training, are conducted by HODs, the internal training department or external providers. Job Redesign At CDLHT, we acknowledge the importance of equipping hotel employees with cross functional skills, thus ensuring talent retention and diversification of skillsets. Orchard Hotel and W Singapore - Sentosa Cove in Singapore have embarked on a ‘job redesign’ initiative to improve employee efficiency, skills and resourcefulness through cross-functional training. As the Singapore government has been supporting this initiative, we have been engaging government agencies to encourage hotel employees to attend trainings relating to job redesign. Our Performance Average Training Hours (FY 2022) Number Of Employees All Properties Male Female Total Total number of employees (head count or FTE) 1,055 746 1,801 Total number of training hours provided to employees 37,154 21,474 58,628 Average training hours per employee 35.22 28.79 32.55 Average Training Hours (FY 2021 restated) Number Of Employees All Properties Male Female Total Total number of employees (head count or FTE) 883 557 1,440 Total number of training hours provided to employees 24,077 22,671 46,748 Average training hours per employee 27.27 40.70 32,46 Our Targets We target to achieve a minimum of 20 hours of training per employee across our portfolio in FY 2023. SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 118 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT ANNUAL REPORT 2022