CDL Hospitality Trusts - Sustainability Report 2022

Our Performance We are pleased to report that we had zero fatalities resulting from work-related injuries in FY 2022. Work-Related Injuries for FY 2022 Type Of Work-Related Injury All Properties Number of Fatalities as a result of Work-Related Injury 0 Number of High-Consequence WorkRelated Injury (excluding fatalities) (10) 28 Number of Recordable Work-Related Injury (11) 19 Total Work-Related Injury 47 Number of Hours Worked 3,265,428 Our Targets We aim to have zero incidents of fatality or permanent disability and strive to minimise any work-related injuries. CDLHT will continue to engage its stakeholders, including hotel operators, to ensure that workplace health and safety measures are in place and upheld. Diversity, Inclusion And Equal Opportunity As a global business with operations across numerous countries, we strive to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace to establish a fair and equitable working environment. We achieve this through our diversity policies, training, and commitment to respecting the diverse backgrounds within our organisation. We believe in the inclusion of all individuals regardless of their backgrounds to establish ourselves as fair and equal employers. Our Approach CDLHT’s initiatives around Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity are driven by the policies of our hotel portfolio managers. Our Performance In FY 2022, 59% of our total permanent staff were male and 41% were female, while 49% of our total temporary staff were male and 51% were female. The majority of our properties’ employees are aged between 30 and 50 years or are under 30, at 54% and 29% respectively, attributable to the nature of our industry. We continuously strive to implement diversity and inclusion across our workforce as it enables a more holistic, productive, and sustainable work culture. Diversity and Inclusion Data for FY 2022 Number Of Employees All Properties Male Female Total Permanent Staff 1,055 746 1,801 Temporary Staff 140 143 283 Number Of Employees All Properties Aged <30 years 612 Aged between 30 – 50 years 1,136 Aged >50 years 336 Diversity and Inclusion Data for FY 2021 (restated) Number Of Employees All Properties Male Female Total Permanent Staff 883 557 1,440 Temporary Staff 216 164 380 Number Of Employees All Properties Aged <30 years 582 Aged between 30 – 50 years 942 Aged >50 years 296 Our Targets We remain committed to reflect diversity across our workforce and hiring processes. We strive to increase the diversity of our employees across management roles through continuous development and retention opportunities, whilst honing our hiring plan to attract and retain a diversified workforce. (10) This category includes: Number of dangerous occurrences, incidents exceeding three days of medical leave, incidents of hospitalisation, occupational disease, and/or permanent disabilities. (11) This category includes: Number of incidents that required less than three days of medical leave, reportable incidents, and/or temporary disabilities. Action Across Hotels • Hilton Cambridge City Centre has been established as the first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Others (“LGBTQ+”)- led hotel in Cambridge. All employees have undergone aDiversity, Inclusion andUnconscious Bias training, conducted by the hotel’s General Manager. • In FY 2022, Mercure Perth and Ibis Perth worked with indigenous and disability-focused recruiters to ensure a diverse workforce. The Human Resource (“HR”) manager also participated in the Accor Inclusion and Diversity Committee on a project to combat violence against women. 117 OVERVIEW AND FINANCIAL REVIEW MARKET REVIEW LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE PROPERTY PORTFOLIO SUSTAINABILITY & GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND OTHER INFORMATION