CDL Hospitality Trusts - Sustainability Report 2022

Our Performance In FY 2022, the hotels employed a total of 2,084 staff with a mix of 57% male and 43% female. 868 employees left us, of whom 52% were male and 48% were female, while 1,146 newly joined, of whom 56% were male and 44% were female. As a result, our total rates of new hire employment and turnover was 55% and 42%, respectively. New Employee Hires and Turnover (FY 2022) For FY 2022 All Properties Male Female Total Employee Count 1,195 889 2,084 Number of New Employee Hires 645 501 1,146 Rate of New Employee Hires 54% 56% 55% Number of Employee Turnover 455 413 868 Rate of Employee Turnover 38% 46% 42% New Employee Hires and Turnover (FY 2021 restated) For FY 2021 All Properties Male Female Total Employee Count 1,099 721 1,820 Number of New Employee Hires 530 402 932 Rate of New Employee Hires 48% 56% 51% Number of Employee Turnover 432 305 737 Rate of Employee Turnover 39% 42% 40% We aim to continuously minimize our staff turnover rate to retain talent within our portfolio. Health And Safety With the relaxation of COVID-19 travel restrictions throughout FY 2022, CDLHT remained committed to diligently adhering to and enforcing workplace health and safety standards to ensure our portfolio of hotels were able to continue safe operations. Our Approach CDLHT monitors the overarching safety measures implemented by the individual hotel operators and lessees. The hotel operators and lessees are tasked with ensuring strict adherence to all local regulations and guidelines whilst establishing any additional safety standards required to guarantee the well-being and safety of all our hotel employees and guests. As the asset owner, CDLHT regularly communicates with the hotel operators and lessees on compliance, incidents of work-related injuries, implementation of additional safety requirements resulting from evolving landscape needs, and areas of improvement. In cases of work-related injuries, each hotel operator lodges a report of the injury resulting in an investigation, a review and risk assessment to mitigate the affiliated hazards aimed at limiting its future occurrence. We also record all affiliated hazards and conduct an annual review to strengthen our health and safety standards. In addition to ensuring governance for health and safety matters, training and communication of Occupational Health and Safety (“OH&S”) to employees is crucial in the management of health and safety at the workplace. Across our portfolio, the policies surrounding OH&S are applicable to our employees, visitors, and contractors as they are expected to remain compliant with all regulatory standards and workplace guidelines. Hotel employees in managerial levels, including managers and supervisors, are responsible for ensuring OH&S and enforcing its policies. Our hotels undertake numerous OH&S related initiatives to limit affiliated hazards and liabilities, including risk assessments, certified accreditation, and measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. Conducting OH&S Risk Assessments Workplace risk assessments are carried out to identify potential hazards, determining employees, jobs or equipment that are of high risk. Our portfolio of hotels conducts risk assessments for routine and non-routine work activities to prevent affiliated hazards. Additionally, some of our hotels, including Orchard Hotel in Singapore, conduct risk assessments for new equipment introduced to identify dangers that employees could be exposed to during operation. Accreditation We endeavour to obtain accreditation and certify our OH&S processes as it strengthens the hotels management system and initiatives. Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel has achieved the Bizsafe Level 4 Certification whilst the W Singapore - Sentosa Cove in Singapore has been ‘SG Clean Certified’. At Pullman Hotel Munich, they have achieved the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (“HACCP”) across their kitchen and food service processes. Pandemic Resilience In light of COVID-19, our Singapore and overseas hotels have implemented differentiated measures to ensure highest safety standards for our staff and guests. We have plans, protocols andmeasures in place to remain pandemicresilient. We have also retrofitted and enhanced air handling units across our hotels to improve air circulation. SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 116 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT ANNUAL REPORT 2022