CDL Hospitality Trusts - Sustainability Report 2022

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT Water Stewardship Responsible water use is integral to our properties’ operations. CDLHT has implemented water management and conservation initiatives to spearhead water preservation and promote the sustainability of our operations. Our Approach We are committed to conserving water and limiting our consumption through water management policies, operational control mechanisms and investment in technological advancements. Our properties operate in compliance with waterrelated regulations in their respective jurisdictions. All of CDLHT’s portfolio properties include water conservation policies, each outlining the mechanisms employable to reduce overall water consumption. In Singapore, our portfolio properties continue to report their water data on the Water Efficiency Management Plan of the Public Utilities Board, enabling effective implementation of water conservation policies whilst tracking water utility, consumption, and potential areas to minimise water loss. Operational Controls To Curb Water Consumption And Retrofitting To Boost Water Efficiency All our properties have water management systems that monitor their daily water use across all functions. This enables them to identify abnormal spikes in consumption and respond. Daily monitoring has also aided in the prompt identification of any abnormalities and leakages in water-providing mechanisms to limit wasteful water loss. We recognise the role of innovation and technology in improving water efficiency and retrofit our systems to conserve water. Recycling Water Several CDLHT properties endeavour to further reduce their water consumption by using recycled water and harvested rainwater. These have been used for landscaping and gardening purposes at W Singapore - Sentosa Cove, Raffles Maldives Meradhoo and Angsana Velavaru. Action Across Hotels • Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel employs water management systems to reduce water use in hand basins and showers. We have installed water pressure reducers and water consumption restrictors across the hotel’s basins, cisterns, and shower heads to reduce the flow rate. • Whenever possible, Orchard Hotel, Copthorne King’s Hotel and M Hotel in Singapore each utilise just one cooling tower, instead of the industry standard two, as a means of conserving water across their operations. Copthorne King’s Hotel has also upgraded all taps and showerheads to become more water efficient. • W Singapore - Sentosa Cove operates under Marriott International’s conservation initiatives targeting hotel operations including low-flow toilets and showerheads, smart irrigation controllers, laundry water reuse systems, and high-efficiency irrigation spray nozzles. Recycled water is also used for landscaping and flushing. • All hotels are fitted with water-saving shower heads that reduce consumption while maintaining water pressure with the majority having introduced the option for guest to skip daily housekeeping to reduce excessive water use. 112 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT ANNUAL REPORT 2022