CDL Hospitality Trusts - Sustainability Report 2022

Retrofitting And Technological Advancements to Boost Energy Efficiency To facilitateenergy efficiency, CDLHTemploys technological advancements by retrofitting our operational assets and equipment. For example, all of our hotels have replaced virtually all halogen lights to LEDs to significantly reduce energy consumption. To continuously improve utility consumption, some of our portfolio assets have also been equipped with sensor lights to detect motion and halt energy use during non-occupancy. We have also partnered with City Gas to progressively replace the electrical heaters with gas heaters across our hotels in Singapore. Nine electrical heaters have been replaced across Copthorne King’s Hotel, Orchard Hotel and Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. This enables the use of methane and green hydrogen, which are cleaner and greener energy sources, reducing our overall emissions. In addition, the gas heaters are more efficient than electric heaters, with each gas heater able to save 10% to 15% of the electrical operating cost. We also engaged SP Group’s SP Mobility to install EV vehicle charging stations in our Singapore hotels, to propel the government’s Green Plan 2030 commitment. SP Mobility has now installed this hardware at the Orchard Hotel, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Copthorne King’s Hotel, M Hotel and Studio M Hotel. SUSTAINABILITY REPORT Action Across Hotels • Copthorne King’s Hotel upgraded its rooms with an innovative technology system to improve efficient management of power, lighting, and air-conditioning. This system monitors the occupancy status of the room and adjusts energy consumption accordingly. This upgrade has been acknowledged by the government by way of a grant for the cutting-edge use of technology to enhance energy savings and efficiency. • The Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel is undergoing room refurbishment works and rooms will be fitted with Smart Room technology to control energy consumption. The hotel has also replaced internal lighting with LEDs and aims to install LEDs on the external façade of the building in upcoming years. • Our Hilton Cambridge City Centre hotel continues to implement Hilton’s award-winning LightStay platform, which enables the tracking, management, reporting and improvement of environmental and social impacts across its global portfolio of hotels. This aids in improving the energy efficiency and resource consumption by Hilton Hotels. At this property, LightStay has resulted in the implementation of motion lighting sensors in the gym and toilets, low-energy monitors for hotel computers and 95% conversion to LED lighting. • Both the Maldives resorts are installing solar panels to supply between 15% to 20% of the resorts’ energy requirement. Installation will be ongoing throughout the year with a substantial portion of commissioning completed in the first half of 2023. EV chargers at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel 110 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT ANNUAL REPORT 2022