CDL Hospitality Trusts - Sustainability Report 2022

Core ESG Pillar Our Material ESG Factors SDGs Overarching Ambitions Engaging Local Communities and Advocate for Positive Impact • Local Community Impact* • Advocate strategic partnerships to enhance sustainability • Promote positive community engagement * Refers to new material topics reported in this FY 2022 sustainability report. ** Refers to new material topics to be reported on from FY 2023 sustainability report. Stakeholder Engagement CDLHT maintains proactive regular communication and engagement with our various stakeholder groups. We reflect and address their key topics of concern, in relation to our organisation, and keep them abreast of our initiatives and progress through proactive regular communication and engagement. In FY 2022, we continued our dialogue with our internal stakeholders through various channels, whilst adhering to all regulations and guidelines. Feedback from internal stakeholders is gathered through quarterly board meetings, as well as dialogue with the operating and management teams of hotels across our portfolio. We maintain continuous engagement with external stakeholders, and target periodic engagement with our hotel suppliers and business partners through frequent meetings and vendor assessments. The table below summarises our engagement efforts in FY 2022. Stakeholder Group Engagement Approach Key Topics of Concern Board of Directors • Board meetings (including ad-hoc briefings with external ESG consultants) • Email communication • Economic performance • ESG performance & trends • Pandemic resilience • Risk management Government and Regulators • Ad-hoc briefings and consultations • Participation in surveys and focus groups • Risk management • Social and environmental related legislation Hotel Employees Led by hotel operators: • Training and transition assistance programmes • Annual employment survey • Performance and career development reviews • Career development opportunities • Training and development • Workplace safety and well-being, including pandemic readiness Hotel Guests • Customer satisfaction surveys • Social media • Feedback via General Manager • Customer health and safety, including pandemic readiness Master Lessees and Hotel Managers • Regular management meetings and communication • Bilateral communication, one-on-one meetings, and site visits • Workplace safety and well-being • Customer health and safety • Eco-efficiency of buildings • Pandemic readiness 99 OVERVIEW AND FINANCIAL REVIEW MARKET REVIEW LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE PROPERTY PORTFOLIO SUSTAINABILITY & GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND OTHER INFORMATION