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CDL Hospitality Trusts is a stapled group comprising CDL Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust ("H-REIT"), a real estate investment trust, and CDL Hospitality Business Trust ("HBT"), a business trust.

H-REIT, the first hotel real estate investment trust ("REIT") in Singapore, is established with the principal investment strategy of investing, directly or indirectly, in a diversified portfolio of hospitality and/or hospitality-related real estate assets globally.

HBT exists primarily as a "master lessee of last resort" in the event H-REIT is unable to appoint a master lessee for any of the hotels in its portfolio at the expiry of the relevant master lease agreement or for a newly acquired hotel. HBT may also undertake certain hospitality and hospitality-related development projects, acquisitions and investments which may not be suitable for H-REIT.

CDL Hospitality Trusts' portfolio comprises:

In Singapore
In Australia
In New Zealand
In Maldives
In Japan
In United Kingdom
In Germany
In Italy